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Mold Removal Made Easy

Having a mold problem is no laughing matter, but with our mold removal and remediation service we can assure you that we will handle your mold problem quickly and efficiently. We can even help you with mold inspections, too. When it comes to mold, there isn’t anything we can’t handle.

Is mold covered by my insurance?2019-10-04T20:24:24-04:00

A typical home owner’s policy does not include coverage for mold growth resulting from a long term leak that an owner did not have fixed. If the mold growth has occurred from a water loss that was sudden and incidental, but has not been attended to before mold started to form, then the cleanup of the mold can get covered under the water claim. Everything needs to be reported properly so make sure to call us first.

Can I perform my own mold removal2019-10-04T20:26:36-04:00

We do not recommend trying to remove mold on your own. It takes proper training, equipment, and procedures to remove mold. Don’t risk contaminating your entire home by disturbing mold growth.

Can mold cause structural issues?2019-09-23T19:52:59-04:00

No. Mold cannot cause your home any type of structural damage.

Will I have to leave my home while mold is being removed?2019-09-23T19:33:35-04:00

Contrary to popular belief, no you will not have to leave your home during the mold remediation process; however, you are welcome to if you choose.

Will mold effect the air quality in my home?2019-09-23T19:29:40-04:00

Unfortunately, yes. If your mold problem isn’t dealt with in a timely manner, the spores will keep spreading throughout your home and could lower the air quality significantly.

Can you remove the odor caused by mold?2019-10-04T20:27:12-04:00

For sure. Once the mold is removed and the wet materials that the mold is feeding on is removed, the odor will also be removed. The environment inside our containment will be cleaner than the environment outside our containment before we receive clearance from the lab.

Is mold a health hazard to my home?2019-10-04T20:28:01-04:00

Yes it is, when it has the conditions present which cause the mold to colonize. Mold is typically in the environment all around us. It is when there is a high concentration in an indoor environment that mold spores become problematic, especially to those with mold sensitivities. It is best to not disturb the mold and call the professionals at JDB.

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Eric M.

“I have used JDB for many years. Jacob is  fair, honest, and provides quality workmanship. I am a local insurance agent and he has always taken care of my clients during emergency situations.

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Kara L.

“Jacob and his company have done three major projects at our house. One was when our dishwasher leaked and we ended up needing a whole kitchen remodel. They did a great job.”

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Patricia S.

“ JDB and his team were polite, clean, timely, thorough and very knowledgeable about their craft.We highly recommend JDB Design Build for any construction project you may have.”

Is Mold Removal Really Necessary?

Mold removal and remediation services aren’t just about keeping your home looking and smelling nice, but they are necessary to help keep you in good health, too. Did you know that if you leave mold untreated it could end up causing you and your family serious health problems? Extended exosure to mold can lead to mold poisoning and that can mean big problems for you and everyone living in your home. We can help you stop mold dead in its tracks and we promise to get the job done right. Give us a shout and let us know if we can help.


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