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Does Your Home Have a Leak?

The first thing you need to do when you have a flood at your house is locate the source of the
leak and get the water stopped. We offer 24/7 Emergency Services when you need us. We will find the source and we can offer immediate clean up services as well. This includes sewer back-ups, pipe bursts inside the walls or under the house, and water intrusion from a leaking roof.

If I have water coming from a pressurized water line, what do I do?2019-10-05T18:25:07-04:00

Run outside and turn of the water main to your home. Hopefully you have a shut off valve at the house, but if you do not, you will need to get to the valve at the street. If you are having trouble with this feel free to call us right away. We can guide you on the phone and send out a technician if still needed or desired. JDB can also help you repair the burst and get service restored to your home.

How do I clean up sewage from a sewer back-up?2019-10-05T18:23:41-04:00

First, be aware that you need to protect yourself from this type of flooding. Throwing towels on the ground to contain the travel of the flood can be helpful, but before you start a full clean up make sure you have proper personal protective equipment including gloves, masks, eye protection, and skin protection, especially in areas that have abrasions to the skin. The better idea is to call us and let us handle it. There are contaminants that cause health concerns short and long term if not cleaned and decontaminated properly. The IICRC has guidelines to follow if you do decide to tackle the project on your own.

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Eric M.

“I have used JDB for many years. Jacob is  fair, honest, and provides quality workmanship. I am a local insurance agent and he has always taken care of my clients during emergency situations.

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Kara L.

“Jacob and his company have done three major projects at our house. One was when our dishwasher leaked and we ended up needing a whole kitchen remodel. They did a great job.”

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Patricia S.

“ JDB and his team were polite, clean, timely, thorough and very knowledgeable about their craft.We highly recommend JDB Design Build for any construction project you may have.”

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We Stop Leaks Dead in Their Tracks.

Leaks that start in your home can lead to massive flooding and expensive restoration costs, but our company knows how to find the source of the problem and stop leaks at their source. Leave it to us to help you solve your home restoration problems and keep your home dry.

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