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Need your home repaired?

JDB Design Build & Restoration Services can complete your project with high quality repairs after any type of loss.

I began my career building custom homes, additions, and remodeling. Having a long history of making homes beautiful, I continue to make sure that we are always using the best practices in putting your home back together. I will make sure that all damages are paid for by your insurance carrier so you can rest assured not to have to pay a penny more than your policy deductible. If you are not in a position to be able to pay your deductible, then please call for a consult so we can discuss ways to help you. It is our commitment to put your home back together better than it was before the loss. We do not collect from you until you are 100% satisfied.

Does the insurance company pay JDB directly?2019-10-05T18:44:09-04:00

No, they pay the money to you as you are their client. Some claims have the mortgage company that holds the loan included on the check to make sure that the interests of the mortgage company are protected. We can help you navigate that process so that your job does not need to slow down waiting for funds to be processed and released through your mortgage company.

What qualifications does JDB have to perform reconstruction?2019-10-05T18:43:15-04:00

I am a licensed General Contractor with over 25 years experience building, adding to, remodeling, and restoring homes. I make 100% satisfaction guarantee on the reconstruction process. If something is not to your liking, it will be fixed before you sign off on the completion of the project.

Is reconstruction covered by my insurance company?2019-10-05T18:40:00-04:00

Your insurance policy should cover all reconstruction costs relating to the loss occurred. It is my expertise to make sure that the coverage is fair and complete so that no corners are cut. I do not have any quit pro quo with any insurance carrier set up as it is my goal to serve my clients solely. Your interests are my sole purpose when hired by you.

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Eric M.

“I have used JDB for many years. Jacob is  fair, honest, and provides quality workmanship. I am a local insurance agent and he has always taken care of my clients during emergency situations.

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Kara L.

“Jacob and his company have done three major projects at our house. One was when our dishwasher leaked and we ended up needing a whole kitchen remodel. They did a great job.”

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Patricia S.

“ JDB and his team were polite, clean, timely, thorough and very knowledgeable about their craft.We highly recommend JDB Design Build for any construction project you may have.”

Rebuild Your Home With JDB.

If your home needs reconstructed, then please feel free to give me a call and let’s discuss your options. Rebuilding your home is a big decision and you need a qualified professional on your side to make it happen. I will make sure to help you every step of the way and keep you informed about the entire process.

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