What is an estimate?

What is a consultation?

JDB has different policies for two different categories of jobs. First we have damage restoration jobs that involve a home that has suffered a loss. We offer free consultations on any jobs relating to a loss that would possibly warrant an insurance claim.

Your home has suffered damage and we would love the opportunity to come out and share with you our experience and expertise in the process and hopefully earn your business. There is no obligation to use us
by calling us out for a free consultation. If you call us before you file a claim, we can also help you determine whether or not filing a claim or paying cash would better for you in the long run. There are many factors to consider, let us guide you.

Second, we have jobs that involve a home owner looking to make alterations and upgrades to their home that is still in perfect condition. For these projects we have different levels of service that we offer. If you have already hired a design professional who has developed a plan for the project, then we can come in and give a free estimate on what it would take to complete the project described in the plans. However, if you are still on the ground floor and are looking for information on the feasibility of the project, then we offer a consultation service.

Fees for the consultation start at $100, depending on the depth of the project. We can offer consultation packages that include thorough structural inspections to determine if a major alteration or addition is possible, along with building department restrictions that may hinder the project. If you decide to move forward on the project, our consultation fees are deducted from the cost of the job.

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